Tulane Entrepreneurs Association

It has been a whirlwhind Fall. As you heard from Amina, it gets busy… fast. When I read that it reminds me of how crazy the first semester was. This year’s bunch is especially strong and we’re proud of them.

One thing I have noticed is this class’ propensity to join and participate actively in extracarriculars. Tulane Entrepreneurs have been covering serious ground this semester and it’s mostly thanks to the diligence of our staff of first years.

We’re participating in Kaufmann entrepreneurship week this year with two major events:

Social Entrepreneurship Workshop – November 21st – 9AM-12:30PM featuring:

Andrea Chen, Social Entrepreneurs of New Orleans

Nadiyah Morris, Lt. Governors Office of Social Entrepreneurship

Stephen Shelton, Executive Director of Louisiana CleanTech Network

Jackie Richard, Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation

Carol Bebelle, Executive Director of the Ashe Cultural Arts Center

And Dr. John Elstrott, Executive Director of LRI and Lead Director of Whole Foods Market*

*Event limited to 60 people. At the time of writing there are 20 spots left and it was announced yesterday!!! RSVP: http://tea.tulane.edu

AND… wait… that’s right there is more!

“The New New Orleans for Entrepreneurs,” a speaking event on November 24th at 5pm featuring:

Stephen Moret, Secretary of Economic Development for the State of Louisiana

Crichton Brown, Managing Director of Advantage Capital

John Koerner III, President and CEO of Koerner Capital

Press Kabacoff, President and CEO of HRI Properties

Ashton Ryan Jr., President and CEO of First NBC Bank

200 people max. 2nd floor of the University Center Uptown at 5PM. No RSVP necessary.

I feel very confident in saying that these are the true innovators of Louisiana right now. Don’t miss these events!