Ending on a high note

I am an hour away from my second to last final! I had Management Communication on Saturday, Macro yesterday, and today I have Marketing. As a first year you will have two sets of finals because we are on the quarter system, so by this time next year you’ll feel like an old pro at studying. It’s not that these exams will be any easier, it’s just that you get into a flow of what works for you. All the second years and even the administrators say that the first semester is by far the hardest. I’ll be able to tell you if that’s true in January when I start my new classes. The fun thing about Spring semester is that you get to start taking your concentration courses, so you have a little more flexibility in your schedule and you get to take classes that you are actually interested in (not to say that I wasn’t extremely interested in Financial Accounting…).

The other fun thing about Spring semester is the trip to Paris that all first years take in March. Will blogged about the second years going to Paris in December, but we definetly got the better deal going in March. We go for one week of school related activities and then we have a week to travel in Europe or really wherever you want. Tulane does an awesome job of taking care of all the arrangements, the trip price is included in tuition and they set up airfare and hotel for you so all you really have to do is show up. I’m in the process of trying to study abroad next Fall, so this trip will allow me to see if Paris is someplace that I could live for 3-4 months. So, Fall semester has come and gone, and I have to say that it truly exceeded my expectations. People always ask me how I like Tulane and my response is always that I am 100% sure that I made the right decision by coming here. Case in point at how many other B schools do you think students end their Financial Management class by watching their classmate and their professor compete in a push up contest? Kyle Jones, a first year, challenged professor Bill Reese (http://info.freeman.tulane.edu/breese654/) to a push up contest and I am sad to say that Kyle got beaten badly by our professor who has about 25 years on him. While Kyle’s ego may still be recovering, it was definitely a great ending to an already fantastic semester.