Nearly out of the woods…

Hi all,

We’re nearly out of the woods. I have one last take home final that is due at noon on Friday. Today I had to put on a suit for a brief bit, but I’ve spent most of the day circling the wagons for my organization (Tulane Entrepreneurs Association). We have a great big business plan competition coming up. And, we have a group of new officers that we’re getting trained up to run it.

The 2nd year MBAs are heading off to Paris on Monday for a week to present our final projects for Global Leadership III to Anovo, a reverse logistics specialist. The company just announced it was doing an MBO to restructure because of (taking advantage of?) the current financial markets. We aren’t sure exactly what this means, but I think a good MBO is always pretty exciting.

I am procrastinating writing my final paper for Leadership class, which I must say, I thought I was going to hate, but have grown to like a lot.

What’s left? I need to finalize my schedule for next semester. A handful of students were selected to manage money for the school and I got in, but I have 3 remaining credits and need to decide where to spend them.

I could pick up “fixed income analytics” and “options” with the first years to round out my finance concentration, but would probably get my ass handed to me trying to navigate that and the mutual fund. Plus… I need to find a job! Yikes!

I could diversify and take a marketing course or a strategy course. We get a lot of freedom. What would you do? Take derivatives or strategy course?

Write in! – Happy Holidays!