Whirlwind Semester

In the past five months (I was here for the voluntary summer classes) I have:

1. Taken 11 Finals

2. Flown to DC for a MBA Career Fair

3. Searched like crazy for an internship

4. Been taught by outstanding faculty

5. Written numerous case studies

6. Learned more than I ever would have imagined

7. Met great classmates

8. Enjoyed New Orleans

9. Enjoyed Tulane

10. Realized I made the right choice coming to Tulane

Now that it’s officially break, I will have the chance to really try to hammer down my internship possibilities and take a short break from studying. I’m really looking forward to all of my classes in the finance concentration next semester and, of course, the trip to Paris. Over the next few weeks news on this site may be a bit slow but I’m going to try to preview some of the classes I will be taking next semester and also highlight some of the many upcoming events on campus this spring.

While you’re sitting around for the holidays and filling out applications please feel free to contact me with any questions you have. Only a year ago I was filling out my application to Tulane and now, after only one semester, I feel like a bit of a pro.