Approaching deadline

So the second round of applications for full time MBA applicants are due January 5th. Now I was a little tardy when it came to applying to Tulane last year. I started my application in early December and for some reason didn’t complete it until February. Tulane was actually one of the last schools that I applied to, just because I had my heart set on going to a school on the East coast. But, when I really started looking into the program at the Freeman school I got my act together and made it in time for the third round of applications. In applying late, I missed out on some fun events, like admitted students weekend, and being able to visit during the school year and sit in on classes. Admitted students weekend, from what I’ve heard, is a fantastic time when you get to mingle with current students, tour the Freeman school, and ask all those questions that you can’t find answers to in the view books. One of my classmates told me that he credited one of the second years, Guyon Lewis, with him making the final decision to come to Tulane after Guyon was his tour guide on a trip to the Freeman school. So, yes you do need to visit each and every school that you are seriously considering before you accept. Selecting a B school is as much about you finding the right fit as it is about the school feeling that you can contribute to their incoming class. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s so true, after visiting those top East coast schools and visiting Tulane, I knew that my best fit would be at a school that I almost didn’t apply to. Thank goodness for multiple application rounds!