Darwin Fenner

I really like this class. Today I turned in my sector request. I want to cover the Insurance and REIT sector. Professor Tice explained that in the past no one typically wants to cover the depressed sectors. She claimed that student interest is significant because it has often shown where money shouldn’t be invested. We got a laugh out of this.

What I like about this class is that we covered (reviewed) everything I learned in investments in a manner of minutes – literally. We were off and running making assumptions about investment cycles and theoretically talking about the efficient frontier hypothesis.

The class is also well rounded. We’re assigned scholarly papers to present in class, so that we’re sure to keep abreast of what’s happening right now. I am really excited to work on the buy side. Burkenroad was an excellent opportunity to see the sell side, which is fast paced and exciting. Now we’re going to make some decisions and create a portfolio.

I think it’s important to do fundamental analysis experientially. I’ve said it a million times, but experiential learning is something you just can’t get everywhere and it really counts.