12 days of classes: 1 down, 11 more to go

So, today marks day one of my twelve straight days of classes. Yes, twelve days, how did I manage to get the worst schedule ever you ask, I did it all to myself. I decided that I wanted to have a dual concentration. It’s not enough that everyone finishes Tulane with a “supporting” concentration in International Business, I’m adding Consumer Behavior and Strategic Management concentrations to my resume. Now there has been a debate amongst my classmates as to whether one really needs to decide on a concentration. In my opinion, I think it really depends on the person. Some people come to school and know exactly what they want to do, down to the job that they want to have when we graduate (I’m one of them), others have no clue, and that’s okay too. Tulane offers three areas of concentration, Finance, Consumer Behavior, and Strategic Management and Leadership. In a case like mine, where I know what my strengths are (case studies, writing) and I know where my weakness are (finance, accounting, any math except addition and subtraction), it was very easy for me to look at the course offerings and decided between Corporate Strategy and Fixed Income Analytics. Some people like a bit of everything and opt to take classes in all areas, they won’t have a concentration on their transcript, but on the other hand they will be able to sample all of the best classes in each concentration. Now my twelve days of classes is due to the fact that we have a makeup day on Friday, I’m taking a Negotiation class on Saturday and Sunday (this class is 3 weekends over the course of the Spring semester), I have my normal classes next Monday through Thursday and we have our Global Leadership class next Friday and Saturday. The cool thing about the Negotiations class is that it counts for both my Strategic Management and my Consumer Behavior requirements. Whew! I’m exhausted already, and it’s only day one. Wish me luck!