Uruguayan Debt and Fish Processing

It’s finals time for those of us that have 1/2 semester classes. I may have mentioned this before but, in case you missed it, Tulane offers full semester classes and half semester classes. The half semester classes are great because it allows you to enroll in a wide variety of classes. The downfall is that you get tons of information thrown at you in a very short period of time.

On January 12th, when I walked into my first Fixed Income class, I could have told you very little about bonds. Now, I’m working on a final for the class that has us evaluating an exchange of an old bond into a newly issued bond that was completed when Uruguay restructured its debt. It’s both a mouthful and handful but it is also a testament to how much we are exposed to in just a few short weeks. It’s also great to know that we can apply what we are learning to real problems.

In Internal Reporting, a class each student is required to take, we are looking at a fairly substantial case study and using what we have learned to evaluate how an entrepreneur could turn a profit on fish processing machinery.

Feel free to wish me luck.