France here we come

While the second-year MBAs will be in China, myself and the rest of my first-year classmates will be in Paris, France. Our class of 100 students was split into three teams to work on a presentation for Colas, which is the world leader in road construction. Each team was told to research specific aspects of a country to help Colas determine which countries they could successfully expand in. After hearing from company executives and going on a tour of their site, we will get the opportunity to present our findings. On top of this company visit, we will also get to swing by Alcatel-Lucent and meet with many of their top executives. We also will have daily lectures by employees from companies such as L’Oreal and Schlumberger.

It’s safe to say this is not your typical site-seeing trip. We do have two free days and a couple free nights so I hope to cram as much of Paris as I can in two days. Prepare to be bombarded by pictures of Paris in the next week.