Good to be back

Sorry for my hiatus in blogging, as I’m sure you know from Eric’s blogs I was in Paris and then Geneva, Milan, Florence, and Rome with little to no internet access. But, now I’m back, a little jet lagged, but back and ready to finish up this first year with a bang. I remember orientation like it was yesterday, and now I have less than one month until the last summer vacation of my life! To make up for my absence I plan on blogging once a day this week, Monday through Friday. Some of the exciting topics that I plan on covering are:

Second semester: Lies that 2nd years tell you to make you think this semester will be easier than the first (you know who you are)

Extracurriculars: To join or not to join?

Orientation: What to expect and how to make the most of it

Moving to New Orleans: An East Coast girls’ perspective

and finally…..

Dating in business school… all those questions that you want answered but were afraid to ask

Check back daily! And as always feel free to email me with questions.