Top 10 Things I Learned #8 – There is always something you can get better at

Top 10 Things I Learned in Business School #8

There is always something you can get better at

Humility is important in business school. There is way too much to read, get involved in, write, model in excel, and drink. You have to be humble enough to admit your mistakes and try to get better. There will be at least a few times in your two years where your ego gets a little bruised.

The important thing is to know oneself and try to get better—after all, it’s school. I realized that my strategy and entrepreneurship courses weren’t cutting the mustard for me in terms of practical education. I need to learn actively. One thing that became important to me was learning how to be a better leader. As a life-long entrepreneur I know one has to lead a team to get anywhere. So I became the leader of my student organization, organized a team of really bright people, and produced remarkable results for our organization. It was the best educational experience I got at the Freeman school. It cost me nothing. And it taught me how to be a better leader. I also got some really good friendships out of it and hopefully some future business partners.

I admire the people that I led for letting me lead them. I learned some great lessons. In the end, we knocked the ball out of the park and everyone got some good educational takeaways. That’s all you can ask for. I had a good time.

Remember to work hard on your weaknesses in business school, because there is always a “get out of jail free card.” Later in life, you’re playing for keeps. Forget impressing you classmates with the $10M deal you got to hang around at your last job… Focus on getting better across the board.