Top 10 Things I Learned #4 – Help Everyone

Top 10 Things I Learned in Business School

#4 – Help Everyone

You can never do too many people one favor. Really. The author Paulo Coelho has this thing he calls “the favor bank.” You build up credit by doing your friends favors that you can later borrow against. How appropriate for this blog!

I believe it is very wise to help everyone that crosses your path. In business school it is easy to lose yourself in assignments, activities and homeworks. You end up focusing too much on clearing your plate and you miss out on the opportunity to do people great favors. Serving is one of the most pleasurable activities one can engage in.

I chose not to go to med school or law school, because I heard horror stories of people trying to undercut one another. Remember that business school has much higher employment rates than most other professional schools. Focus on finding your own niche and if you get an opportunity that just isn’t your cup of tea, find someone else who might enjoy it. There is no greater gift than that of a livelihood.

In the end, good business people are those that solve problems for their customers. Start early.