Back to NOLA

So I left New Orleans immediately after the semester-2 exams. The exams ended on May 7th, and I was on the plane on May 9th.
One more Indian student, Asim Jena, accompanied me on the trip back home.
I was extremely excited about going home for 3 months, and was finally going to eat good food !

After a long journey(which didn’t matter), I landed in Mumbai. After spending some time in Mumbai, I went to my home in Pune.
I started contacting people in India for an internship. Over the next 2-3 weeks, I did manage to get a couple of positions in India.
Over the same time, I was contacted by a local NOLA company, and was interviewed over the phone.
In the beginning of June I got an offer, and had to decide quickly.

I decided to come back, since I thought there was some exciting work to be done during the summer here.
The return flight was excruciating, and I hope I never have to do it again.
Pune -> Mumbai -> Frankfurt -> New Ark -> Atlanta -> New Orleans  !!!

After spending only one month back home, I had to come back. All my dreams of eating good food have been shattered.
But I am sure it will be worth it. By this time, most of the students have found a job, either paid or unpaid.
I am sure the remaining few will find something soon.

Karthik M

MBA Candidate 2010 – Tulane University; ; ;