Oliver – The Shakespeare Festival

Last weekend I saw a play called ‘Oliver’ in Dixon Hall.
It was performed as a part of the Summer Shakespeare Festival, which has been held every summer in NOLA for the last 35+ years.
The play was a musical performance, and was simply amazing. The live orchestra and atmospheric effects drew loud cheers from all.
You may be wondering that Oliver Twist was written by Charles Dickens. So how come it is a part of the Shakespeare Festival?
Well, my friend Asim asked me the same question, and honestly speaking, I do not know.

I had seen the ads last year, around the same time. I had just arrived in the city, and was busy with finding a house, MCOM classes etc.
I could not find time to go see one of the plays, thinking that I will see it later.
I would highly encourage all students who are arriving in the summer, to take some time out and see one of the remaining two performances.
Believe me, later on, you will find very less time on your hands.

Here is a link: http://www.neworleansshakespeare.com/
Also check the Tulane Calendar for upcoming performances.

M.Karthik; mkarthik01@gmail.com