A day in the Museum……

Last weekend I went to the national WW-II museum in NOLA. Now you must be wondering about why the museum is located in new Orleans.
“It is located in New Orleans, Louisiana because it was here that Andrew Higgins built the landing craft used in the amphibious invasions; the landing craft which President Eisenhower believed won the war for the Allies. Allied commander-in-chief Dwight Eisenhower called Andrew Higgins “the man who won the war for us”

I planned to visit 2 other museums the same day, but spent too much time here itself. The exhibits are very nice, and you get a wonderful account of the second world war. The audio-visual presentations present a compelling firsthand account of the war.
Make sure you visit this museum when you are in NOLA, it is definitely worth a visit.

And all the first year students who are in New Orleans, do go for the fireworks tonight. Call or email me in case you need directions.

M.Karthik ; mkarthik01@gmail.com