Year Two Begins

Here is some MBA math for you. My internship has come to a conclusion + I’m receiving frequent emails from the Career Center + I just filled out all my student loan information + I’m emailing future professors = It’s time for Year Two of my MBA.
Year one flew by, my internship flew by, and I’m assuming this year will be no different. Over the first year I changed from a finance concentration to a strategic management concentration, realized I wouldn’t ever want to work in corporate finance (which was my initial reason for attending bschool), and became interested in launching my own company. However, I’m entering my second year with a more clear picture of what I want to do with my life. I mention all of this because you should not be incredibly worried if you don’t know exactly what you want to do as Year One starts up. Classes, interactions with your classmates, and internships will help you determine what field you would like to enter after graduation.
Classes start in a few short weeks so make sure your resumes are ready, you have started looking at the companies that will be in New Orleans for the Black MBA Career Fair, and you become best friends with the career center. Soon you will be bombarded by school work and it’s best to get a jump start on all of these things.