Volleyball 2-1

I just spent my Tuesday night on the volleyball court at Tulane’s Reily Center. Reily is huge our student recreation center that’s about a block away from the Freeman School’s buildings. I am officially a member of “Bump, Set, Have Some” – which is the name of our co-ed MBA intramural volleyball team, and I am happy to report another win.

OK – here’s the truth. We’ve won two games by default (the other team didn’t show). Unfortunately, we lost the only game we have actually played (against some young and quick undergrads). As I was leaving, I ran into some friends on the MBA soccer team and they were hoping for a second win tonight. Freeman MBAs also have fielded a pretty big flag football team.

Almost every night, many of us go home (or stay on campus) to finish our homework or study for upcoming tests. It’s really nice to have things to do on campus that aren’t school related. Next week, we start final exams for our first round of first-semester courses, and the volleyball court will be a great distraction once again next Tuesday night. Maybe we can actually win a game that we play!

PS – The weather has finally turned here in New Orleans! A cool front has brought us dry weather with highs in the low 80s, lows in the 60s. That’s a welcome change from the summer weather we’ve endured until now. As a Louisianian – you get excited when this first cool front dips down from the Arctic. But we also remember that it may be back up to 90 next week. At least we have year-round sunshine!

Louis David – ldavid@tulane.edu