How quickly we forget

So I’m about to enjoy a nice seven day break from class. No, it’s not Mardi Gras time yet, it’s final exams. I know that most people don’t associate final exams with a break because technically you should be studying, stressing out, etc. But the best thing about being a second year is that you don’t have a lot of quarter long classes, which means you don’t have finals in October. Even though it was just a year ago that I was freaking out about my Stats final, now it seems like a distant memory…..that I don’t particularly want to re-live. Over the last few days I’ve seen the first years looking sleep deprived, frazzled, and a bit dazed and confused. The first seven weeks of the semester seem like you’re in a prison that consists of breakout rooms and bad coffee. But, it does get better, the next session is a bit easier and then you have a month off for Christmas to rest and more importantly sleep. And just think in a year from now you’ll be able to plan an awesome vacation, in October.