Crunch Time

As the rest of the Tulane campus celebrates homecoming with concerts, parties and the big football game – us first-year MBAs have been holed up in breakout rooms for days. Your first semester is divided into two sessions, and we are right in the middle of final exams for our first session classes. The schedule can be intense. We had management presentations Tuesday, management case studies due Thursday, an accounting exam Friday morning, an economics exam Saturday, and finally our statistics exam is Monday morning. Needless to say, Monday afternoon celebrations are planned.

Wednesday we switch over to our next set of classes, which I’ve heard is thankfully less quant-focused.

After more than a week of intense studying I have learned two things.

  • Everything other than studying, sleep and food becomes non-existent.
  • I never realized how much I could actually learn about tough subjects (I plan on concentrating in Marketing – not the numbers games).

The picture above has become all too familiar for us during this exam period. I’d say about half of the class just stays at school all day and studies in breakout rooms. This can be very helpful if you just can’t get a certain concept. Your classmates become your best teachers. The other half of the class retreats either to their houses, or coffee shops across the city to study solo. Different people have different ways of learning things.

I am about 50 minutes away from my econ exam – and ready to do this!

Louis David