The Great Internship Search Begins

After a week of family vacation and a week at home, it’s back to New Orleans and back to business. Classes don’t start until next Monday (Jan. 11), but many of us are in town. I will be using the next week as the backbone of my internship search. Throughout the fall, I applied to about ten internships. Now – it’s time for more.

Since I am switching careers, I am open to pretty much anything that involves marketing or consumer research. Freeman Days in New York back in September was a great way to get in touch with Tulane grads living in the Northeast who have pointed me in some hopefully-right directions. I’m also googling everything that has anything to do with MBA internships in my chosen field.

One of the most frustrating part of searching for internships is dealing with deadlines. Some very large companies have fall deadlines while most smaller companies don’t even think about interns until later on in the spring. This can get confusing when you try to remember where you’ve applied, and if you still have time for certain slots. This week, I’ll try to catch up with classmates to see where they are in the process. I know some people already interviewed for internships back before Thanksgiving. I haven’t heard if anyone has secured an internship yet from our class.

On a lighter note, the picture above is me captaining a dog sled in Northern Minnesota last week. The temperatures were in the teens, which is beyond cold for me. Unfortunately, the cold followed me back home. Temperatures are forecast to dip below freezing for five nights in the next week here in New Orleans, which is VERY unusually cold.

Louis David