Semester 2

So the spring semester is here. It’s strange to be back after a month of doing basically nothing. The break was great and well deserved but now we get back to business.

I’ve chosen to pursue a dual concentration in Strategic Management and Leadership and Marketing so this spring I’ll be taking 7 courses, 4 core courses (Internal Reporting, Process Modeling and Marketing Planning and Implementation, and European Union) and 3 electives (Corporate and Cooperative Strategy, Environment Society and Capitalism, and Consumer Behavior). Overall I’ll be completing 17 credit hours this semester. The first 2 electives count towards the concentration in Strategic Management and the last towards Marketing.
So far, the schedule looks less intensive than the first semester. I can’t speak for the workload though as I’ve only had 3 days of classes. I’m sure eventually I’ll find myself putting insane amounts of hours into homework and studying just like before. I also have the summer internship to worry about. Everyone has to move fast to secure an internship that’s worthwhile and so far not many of us had had much luck.

No matter what happens, I’m happy to be back in New Orleans with all my friends and I’m ready to tackle another semester.