Working While in School Full-Time

Before beginning school, I was entertaining the idea of working part-time while carrying a full course load. As you may have gathered from one of my earlier blogs, I quickly realized that working was not a good idea…at least for me. I know of a few classmates that are working part-time, and I am impressed with their time management skills! At first, I felt like I didn’t have a free moment for myself, much less for a job. After getting into the swing of things, however, we have all found ways (translation: shortcuts) to not be studying all day and night. Even now that I have some free time, I choose not to look for a job. When else in my life will it be excusable to not be earning a paycheck? When else will I have three day weekends to travel if I want?

Several students are volunteering in the community during their free time. Since last semester, I have been volunteering once a week with Animal Rescue New Orleans. I also know that several students are working closely with The St. Bernard Project, a local organization rebuilding homes of Hurricane Katrina survivors. One of my groupmates was working for The St. Bernard Project before beginning the MBA program and continues to work there part-time. He has done a wonderful job getting Tulane and its students involved in their mission. There are countless organizations throughout the city that need help and even though our class comes from all over the country, many of us have taken steps to get involved in the local community. Speaking of local community, did I mention since moving to New Orleans I’m a new convert to the Who Dat Nation? Geaux Saints!


a fellow volunteer at ARNO with a new born puppy