School + Super Bowl + Mardi Gras = Time Crunch

This is it. I have never seen New Orleans like this. The Saints are in the Super Bowl, and Mardi Gras is two weeks away. As a Louisiana native, I never ever though we’d see an actual Black and Gold Super Bowl. Since the Saints got in the game last Sunday, the city has been on fire. Normally, this is a busy time of year, with Mardi Gras parades, parties and concerts. Multiply that times 10. At least.

Oh, and don’t forget – school isn’t taking a two week Saints/Carnival break. We have an accounting test Wednesday (which most of us acknowledge will take a considerable amount of study time), and assignments for other classes scattered through the next few weeks. Most of us are realizing that the mid-weeks are times for school work only right now. This is so that we can enjoy all of the weekend festivities that it seems like the entire rest of the city is taking in also.

This past Saturday, a few b-school friends and I headed to a party to watch the first real parade of the season, Krewe de Vieux. This extremely irreverent parade rolls through the French Quarter each year, with very clever floats and costumes. For my Northern friends, this was quite a sight to see.

This upcoming weekend, parades roll just a few blocks from campus on Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Then, the Super Celebrations begin. Some local schools have canceled class for the post-Super Bowl Monday. This is a town that likes to party – and Saints pride is the name of the game. Add those things together and we are all thankful to be in this city at this time. What an experience.

Louis David