What’s Great About Tulane

In my last post I had talked about my experience in Hong Kong, and also promised that I will write a little bit more about our strengths.

So here we go:

1. Experiential programs such as Darwin Fenner and Burkenroad: These two programs are great and give you a hands on experience of the real world. In Burkenroad you work as an equity research analyst and follow a real company. In Darwin Fenner, the students manage around $2 Million of the University endowment. I am taking both of these courses now, and it’s a great experience. We also have a state of the art Trading Room, and experts come in regularly to conduct training.

2. We have a great Finance program: Yes we do. Things build up over the two years and there is a well thought out logic in which you take courses. At the end of two years, you should have the necessary skill set to handle real jobs.

3. Unique opportunities for Entrepreneurs: We have a very active Entrepreneurship club and members have been working hard to improve it every year. New Orleans is kind of a melting pot for social entrepreneurship, now that rebuilding after Katrina is in full swing.

4. Very approachable professors: Before I joined Tulane, in this very blog Joel Yarmon(founder of the blog) talked about how accessible the professors in Tulane are. At that point I had no frame of reference. But after 1.5 years and a semester aboard, I would definitely agree. With several professors you get a reply to your email within one hour! They are here to help you out.

There are several other great things about the Tulane MBA, and if you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email.

Karthik Mahadevan ; mkarthik01@gmail.com