Oh What a Night

So words can’t really describe what is happening in New Orleans right now, or rather I should say what has been happening since the opening of the second half in last night’s Super Bowl game. I spent the evening with my classmates, and what better way to celebrate the Saints first EVER Super Bowl Championship then heading down to Bourbon Street and partying with the rest of the city (and surrounding areas). It was an experience unlike anything that I have ever been a part of, magical is the only word that I think can begin to describe what’s going on down here. So yes, there are a lot of great schools in cities that could win the Super Bowl and yes, there may be some of you who could care less about football (I was one of those people until I moved in with a football fanatic) but what this win represents for the city of New Orleans is just so much more than a game. Last night, I saw people from all walks of life, all ethnicities, all zip codes, smiling, cheering and dancing together. Tulane’s President is closing the university so that faculty, students, and staff can be a part of the celebration at the Saints parade tomorrow. So while this win may not cure a lot of the problems that Nola still faces it does give us something to celebrate. This is our team, our time, and our city. How could you not want to be a part of that??