Mid-Semester Shuffle

Here at Tulane, we’re half-way through the semester. For MBAs, that means mid-terms in some courses, and the end / beginning of other courses. This Spring, I have three classes that continue for the entire semester (Consumer Behavior, Management and Real Estate Cases) and four classes that only meet half a semester (Internal Reporting, Management, Marketing and Global Business). The exam period for this half-semester is over this weekend, so we’ll all start new classes next week.

This set-up really gives us variety in class choice. I am concentrating in Consumer Behavior, but I am still able to take classes outside of core or concentration curriculum. I could have double concentrated in Management and Consumer Behavior, but the course load would have given me no room to take courses outside of my concentrations.

Also at this point in the semester, we all start getting serious about internships. A few of my classmates have received offers from some of the country’s biggest companies. They’re lucky. Most of us are still waiting on our fate. Some companies get their internship program together early, and some are still accepting applications. That leaves a lot of us up in the air as we wait for warmer weather and the next step in our education.

So that’s post-Mardi Gras, post-Superbowl life at Tulane. It’s back to the books, finally. Let any of us know if you have any questions.

Louis David