Consulting like a pro… kind of

There are many perks to attending Tulane. One of my favorites is the small class size, on average we have less than 50 students in our core classes and often even less in our elective classes. With small class sizes comes the ability to develop great relationships with our professors. Case in point, I had a professor last semester for an elective who also just happens to run a consulting firm. This semester I had him for a core class, and one day in class he asked if anyone would be interested in working with him and the other partner on a local consulting project. I expressed interest and a few days later I was sitting at the place of business with my professor and his business partner, the owner, executive chef, and a group of my fellow classmates. Not only will this make for great “real world” experience but it’s also just a really cool way to spend some time out of the classroom, hopefully applying some of the things that I learned in the classroom.