A campus visit to Boston

So last weekend I took a trip to Beantown to visit a little business school know as Harvard. Before you label me a traitor I was there to attend the Retail & Luxury Goods Conference hosted by the school’s retail and luxury goods clubs. Having only been to Boston once and having never been to HBS it was quite an experience. For one, it was freezing, like 28 degrees freezing. And it was just unlike the type of conference that you picture a school like Harvard having. There were a lot of people, like me who LOVE fashion and retail and business and are looking for great opportunities after b-school that combine those passions. The conference began with a reception on Saturday night and keynote speakers and breakout sessions on Sunday. Because of HBS’s proximity to NYC, oh and because it’s Harvard they were able to get some great speakers for the conference including the CEO of Macy’s, Gucci, and Coty Cosmetics. Now Tulane may not be hosting a retail & luxury goods conference yet, but our Retail & Luxury Goods Association has really hit the ground running. Just two weeks ago we invited the COO of Mignon Faget, Ltd. to come speak, and not only did he come but he brought Mignon Faget herself. Last week, we worked a sold-out fashion show and met Zac Posen. I’m not one to brag, but for a club that’s only been in existence for a year, we’ve definitely accomplished a lot.