Professor Accessibility

In the past I have talked about the many reasons I select Tulane. One of which was the small class sizes and ability to develop close relationships with professors. So I wanted to highlight what this actually looks like in practice. A few days ago I sat down with one of our leadership professors to speak about some challenges I was facing in my professional life. I’ve already accepted my job and I’m working on developing the team that will be reporting to me. Very comfortably and casually we were able to sit down and talk through some scenarios and he was able to give me many great suggestions that I could take away and implement immediately. Even better, he was genuinely interested in what I was doing and asked that we continue to talk throughout the semester and even after I graduate so that he could continue to help me through this process. It’s pretty nice to know that I have a professor that I can come back to and speak to about professional challenges after I graduate.

Key takeaway for you……The professors here truly want each and every student to succeed and regularly go above and beyond to ensure that this happens.