The Last Hoorah

Today marks the conclusion of our third and final global leadership trip. The second year MBAs spent the last week in Beijing, China learning about doing business in the country. Of course we saw all the sights, The Great Wall, Summer Palace, and the Forbidden City. We also had a slew of speakers who are the best in their fields including Roy Perrin, First Secretary, Economic Officer, United States Department of State Embassy of the United States of America, Beijing, George Weinmann, President, JetYi Holdings; Managing Director, Wei Li Capital, Professor David Li, and Professor Jia Ning.

Going to China was honestly an experience that I never thought that I would have. It opened my eyes to not only what the culture is truly like but to also how far my classmates and I have come in the last two years. Looking around at our final farewell dinner last night I was reminded that my classmates will be my network and friends for the rest of my life. We’ve come along way from Paris and have too many memories to count from our travels abroad. The global leadership trips make Tulane unique, but the experiences that we have on these trips are what truly make Tulane an awesome place to get an MBA from.