Jazz Fest vs. Finals

Sometimes it is tough to live in a city with so much going on and be able to focus on school work at the same time. I never could have done it as an undergrad! It’s festival season in New Orleans and there are activities every day/night/weekend. This week is particularly tough as we wrap up our first year as MBA students, and we’re in the middle of Jazz Fest. While the main festivities of Jazz Fest were last weekend and this upcoming weekend, there are related events every night this week. Not too mention, we all have friends coming in town to grab a little piece of the Jazz Fest action. And, some of us are starting internships almost immediately following exams and need to get our lives here in order before leaving town. And, it is gorgeous outside.

Finding that work/life balance is tough. I know when I started in August, it was 80% work/ 20% life (or perhaps I was just wanting to stay at school and soak up some of that famous Tulane air conditioning!) Now, I’ve really found the balance and am proud to report that I’m splitting my time about 50/50 (or perhaps that’s just the spring fever talking.)

Changing subjects, I am one of those folks who will be headed to an internship immediately following our last (and hardest) final exam. This summer I’ll be working on research and strategy at a design and advertising agency in Boulder, Colorado. I’m excited to get back out into the “real world” and expand my Tulane-provided marketing & consumer behavior knowledge base through this experience.

Per usual, if you have any questions about Tulane or New Orleans, please email!