It gets hot here

Attention anyone who is not yet aware of New Orleans weather in the summer – it gets hot here. For the past two weeks, high temperatures have been topping out in the mid-90s, the heat index usually runs around 100 degrees. A few miles inland, north of Lake Pontchartrain, the heat index has been hitting about 110 degrees. Oh yeah, it’s also very humid.

Most people who have ever been to the Gulf Coast in the summer know that it is a human endurance test of tropical conditions. However, if you’ve decided on the Freeman School and you’re moving here soon – don’t forget to bring a sweater. It may sound crazy, but as the first few cool fronts hit us last year (October, November), a number of our classmates were running around buying blankets and Tulane sweatshirts from the bookstore. They thought they’d get by on shorts and flip-flops until going home for Thanksgiving. This is not Miami.

Cold fronts don’t last long, but it can get chilly quickly. I guess that’s one of the quirky things about living along the Gulf Coast – the weather changes often. I think we really get to appreciate sunny blue skies because we also trudge through the hot, humid, cloudy days all too often.

Louis David