Neighborhood Rundown : Uptown

Since someone asked about neighborhoods in New Orleans and where MBAs should live, I’ve asked the other bloggers to talk about where they live and why. I’ll start.

I live in Uptown New Orleans, about a mile from campus near St. Charles Ave. and Napoleon Ave. I live two blocks from the streetcar, which runs to Tulane in one direction and to the French Quarter and Downtown area in the other. I drive to school, but I have ridden the streetcar and biked in the past.

I love my neighborhood because almost everything I need is within a mile radius of my house. Coffee shops, Whole Foods, restaurants, bars, Mardi Gras parades and Audubon Park are all within a 10-15 minute walk. Another reason why I like living in my neck of the woods is that many of my friends and classmates live nearby. If I don’t leave the city, it takes me a month to go through a tank of gas. A car is very helpful, but you can survive without one.

Apartments are mostly in older houses, which are all over Uptown. Rent is not the cheapest in the city ($800 – $1,100 a month for a one bedroom), but it’s one of the safest parts of New Orleans. Craigslist and are the best options for apartment hunting, but I’d advise visiting places in person to check out the neighborhood. If you can’t come to town to see the place in person, stick to neighborhoods closer to campus (within a few blocks).

Bloggers Sarah and Meghan live in the Marigny and Mid-City, respectively, but some may be wondering about the Warehouse District or the French Quarter. Honestly, not many Tulane students live in these areas. They are both accessible via the streetcar (about 30 minutes to campus), and the drive is about 15 minutes to Tulane.

The Warehouse District is mostly renovated warehouses near the French Quarter and the Convention Center. It’s a fairly safe area with lots of young professionals and vacation homes for older people. Downside – not many bars / restaurants / stores. Upside – cool lofts, a few minutes to the French Quarter, urban feel.

French Quarter – can be very expensive. Even though Bourbon Street is an undisputed tourist mecca, some streets are surprisingly quiet and residential. You’ll have to pay for parking – about $120/mo. and it likely will be a few blocks away from your apartment. However, the world is steps away from your front door. Some of the best restaurants in the country are around the block. Nightlife is honestly 24/7.

Email me with questions.

Louis David