Battle of the Neighborhoods: The Marigny

I live in the Marigny. I have blogged about aspects of this neighborhood extensively in my 2 years as an MBA blogger, and I think that speaks for itself as to how much I love it.

That having been said, there are huge downsides to living in the Marigny being a Tulane student and all. Most evident: it would be hard for me to live further away from campus and still live in New Orleans proper. Which begs the question: Why do I live here?

When I moved to New Orleans, I had two close friends living in the Marigny. Not only did I intend to live with them, every time I had visited New Orleans in the past, it had been when they lived in a nearby apartment. The Marigny was New Orleans to me.

The commute is the hardest part. I bike to school every day, which is particularly tough in the summer. It takes about 40 minutes, which originally feels brutal, but you get used to it and the scenery can’t be beat. It takes about 15 minutes by car.

The Marigny is home to Frenchmen Street. Frenchmen is a drag of restaurants and bars that are a mainstay to New Orleans locals and tourists alike. If you like great live music, this street is the spot for you.

Fact: the Marigny was named a top 10 neighborhood by the American Planning Association in 2009.

Any specific questions?