The Global MBA & Mexico City

GMBA students at ITAM in Mexico City, August 2012 (From left to right): Brea May (U.S.A.), Domingo Gutierrez (Venezuela), Sandra Alcántar (Mexico), Horacio Rincon (Colombia), Qingbo Feng (China), María Luisa Plaut (Venezuela)
GMBA students at ITAM in Mexico City, August 2012
(From left to right): Brea May (U.S.A.), Domingo Gutierrez (Venezuela), Sandra Alcántar (Mexico), Horacio Rincon (Colombia), Qingbo Feng (China), María Luisa Plaut (Venezuela)

Even when the prospect of getting an MBA was but a tiny seedling in the recesses of my mind, I knew that I needed an international experience to fully realize my goals. I considered my options within the United States, and in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, but I was concerned that those options would leave me too focused on just a single country. Then I stumbled upon what seemed to be the perfect compromise to satiate both my wanderlust and my desire to live somewhere absolutely unique; the Global MBA program at the Freeman School of Business in the exceptional city of New Orleans.

The Global MBA (GMBA) is a joint-venture of four prestigious business schools: ITAM, Mexico City, Mexico; IESA, Caracas, Venezuela; Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia, and; Tulane University. The program provides a global perspective through real business cases and travel; during the breaks in the course of a two-year MBA, students attend classes in five countries with an international cohort of top MBA students. You have the option of taking the GMBA as a concentration (and potentially graduating in three semesters) or as a second master’s degree called the Master of Global Management.

GMBA Brochure SnapshotI have attended intensive immersion classes in Mexico City and New Orleans. Over the summer I will attend classes in Paris, France, Shanghai, China, and Bogota, Colombia, and finish with my final class in New Orleans during the winter break. I also received sponsorship from the Goldring Institute of International Business to attend another class in Buenos Aires, Argentina next fall, which is part of the Global Leadership Module that all Freeman MBA students take part in.

I could not be happier with the quality of faculty and students that make up this amazing program. The classroom experience is second to none; my GMBA classes have students from the United States, Egypt, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, China, Taiwan, India, Russia, and Brazil, all with varying experiences and unique perspectives. These truly international, executive style, intensive classes challenge me intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Due to the nature of our globalized business economy, I am certain that the skills I acquire in the GMBA program will transfer into any work situation, whether I end up working for a multinational based in the United States, or a tech start up in Colombia. I urge any prospective MBA student with a taste for international adventure to consider the GMBA program at the Freeman School of Business.

Please contact me at if you would like to learn more about my experience at the Freeman School or in the Global MBA program.

Lola Bravo

MBA and MGM Candidate 2014

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