Working at Walmart

Lola Bravo
Concentration in Strategic Management and Leadership and Marketing
Specialization in Entrepreneurship
Master of Global Management Candidate
Industry/Company/ Area of Internship/Location:
Corporate Intern, Multi-Channel Innovation at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. in Bentonville, Arkansas
What can you tell readers about the scope of your internship this summer?
My project was to launch a program to redesign the reverse logistics process for Walmart and Sam’s Club globally. Essentially, reverse logistics is how something gets from the consumer back to its point of origin or final destination (such as when a customer returns something), though at Walmart, other major in-store processes are integrated into the reverse logistics system.
The initiative will increase Associate productivity by implementing best-in-class retail technology, engineering efficient processes, leveraging cross-functional teams, and standardizing operating procedures in the reverse logistics process. I gathered information from various subject matter experts (over 60, all told) and created a start to finish process flow model of the entire reverse logistics process. My project culminated with an all-day program kickoff meeting with over 80 people in attendance where my team and I explained the process flows and attempted to secure buy-in from stakeholders. I made strategic recommendations for process improvement from a holistic perspective.
What was your daily schedule like at your Internship?
My manager gave me a lot of autonomy and I essentially set my own schedule, aside from the mandatory internship activities such as an executive speaker series, community service, and teambuilding. Due to the varied nature of my work, I traveled to different buildings across Walmart’s campus in Bentonville, visited and worked in several stores, and toured three distribution centers. I was also allowed to work from home on occasion, which was helpful during crunch time. I generally worked about 50 hours per week, arriving at work at 7:30 AM and leaving after 5:30 PM. I also attended monthly Saturday morning meetings.
How did you apply for your internship?
I found my internship through attending the National Association of Women MBA conference. I hit it off with a recruiter who encouraged me to apply online using her as a reference, and she also passed on my contact information to a colleague who was looking to hire an intern. I applied for several different positions and received offers for two of those positions.
Did this internship match your intended career path?
My project was based in strategy and innovation, and that experience solidified my resolve to have a career following those broad strokes. Specifically, I got a close up look at the challenges of multi-channel and e-commerce, which led me to seek out a career in e-commerce.
What outcomes did you receive?
My managers graciously extended me an informal offer, but I am exploring more tech and e-commerce focused opportunities at in San Francisco.
What skills did you find most helpful in your Internship this summer?
Along with skills gained in Process Modeling and Strategy at Tulane, my “soft” skills were extremely valuable as I navigated the complex politics of a huge organization attempting to mobilize and influence a diverse stakeholder base.
Did you consider yourself more or less prepared than your peers within the same internship program?
That is a difficult comparison to make as my peers and I were all doing completely different projects within our internships. I was very happy to be surrounded by such smart, engaging, and accomplished people.
Would you recommend “Walmart’s Corporate Internship Program” to other MBA candidates here at Tulane?
I would absolutely recommend this internship program; it was an incredible experience.
Would you be willing to talk to other students about working at Walmart?
I would love to speak to anyone who is interested in interning at Walmart or has further questions. Please contact me at or 832-331-6648.