Specializing in Banking and Financial Services

The Master of Finance’s “Banking and Financial Services Specialization” is geared toward educating future finance professionals that will be working in corporate finance departments, banks and investment funds. This specialization is a six credit, yearlong learning opportunity that compliments the core curriculum. Mark Vives is a 2014 Master of Finance candidate that is currently working toward his specialization.
My name is Mark, and I am a current Master of Finance candidate in the 2014 class. I wanted to discuss why I chose to do the Banking and Financial Services Specialization. Upon completion of my undergraduate work, I knew that I wanted to work in corporate finance. I quickly realized that even with intern experience and a business degree in economics that I still was not quite qualified for the positions that I sought.
I came to Tulane because the program is recognized nationwide for its excellence and the fact that I knew that I would gain the needed exposure to be qualified for my future career. I chose the Banking and Financial Services Specialization because I want to work in corporate finance, and many of the courses that the specialization requires are very useful for launching a career in corporate finance. I have taken: Corporate Finance, Private Equity and Venture Capital and Tulane’s Darwin Fenner Student Managed Fund, to help me work toward this specialization. These courses have taught me how to efficiently find and value financing opportunities for growing companies.
The skills reinforced by this specialization are important for me, as a future financial analyst in a corporation. When I am asked how I can help my future company, I can state specific examples from my specialization that provide evidence on how I can help them grow. For example, we learn about private equity and various types of investments to finance an enterprise beyond a traditional commercial bank loan. Having this knowledge gives you an edge over other entry level analysts that require more training. If you are interested in a career in corporate finance, this specialization gives you the training that you will need to make a difference from day one.
Mark Vives
Master of Finance Candidate 2014