Landing a Job – Words for MACCT 2014 Fall International Students

As a Master of Accounting Student Ambassador, I have received tons of questions and concerns about landing a job or a summer internship. So here are some tactics I would like to share with you guys. However, I’m not sure I’m the right person to provide these career strategies, since I have not found myself a summer internship or secured a job after graduation. Anyway, I hope all the following will work for you!
First, set up your Linkedin account. Here is a book for you: How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile… And 18 Mistakes to Avoid
From there, you might like to connect with the alumni from your university.
Second, network before you need a job or an internship. Networking takes time and effort. You’d better start it as early as you can. Freeman Days is Freeman Business School’s flagship program for you to connect with alumni. However, it’s not a career fair. You may not want to ask for a job from an alumnus or alumnae the first minute you meet him or her. I believe it’s not polite. Just put yourself in the alumnus’ shoes. Would you be happy if a stranger asks you for a job the first second you two meet? Probably not. So you may not want to do that. I know everyone is eager for a job, but don’t address that desire too early. You might make your alumni feel pressed, then your door to a job shuts. Second, ask questions instead of asking for a job. If you ask for a job, you will get no job. If you ask questions, you may get a job. In the industry, asking a job and showing curiosity is always appreciated. For those who are interested in Freeman Days, you might check out this link.
Third, visit the Career Management Center (CMC) at the Freeman Business School. Career consultants are glad to help you out. Also, CMC’s website posts employment statistics for MACCT. This may ring a bell for you, since many of you are interested in Tulane’s career outlook. Check out this link for more info.
Fourth, have a faith in yourself. You may think that because you are an international student, you would never be able to speak as fluent as a native speaker. Do not doubt yourself. Every time you criticize yourself, just stop. All you need to do is solve the current problem. If you have one problem, fix it. If you have two, fix two. You really don’t have the time to cry. Get up and keep going. For girls who are born with the hormone to cry and also boys, here is another book that might be interesting to you: From Stress to Stillness: Tools for Inner Peace.
Fifth, good luck!
Jing Qu
MACCT Student Ambassador