Freeman Alumn Climbs Aconcagua Mountains in Chile

Climbing Aconcagua has been the greatest physical and mental endeavor that I have ever accomplished. It took me several months of training and acclimatization at home, but finally reached the top of Aconcagua (6960m, 22 837 ft.) after 12 excruciating climbing hours on February 7, 2012, around 4pm. I knew, even before leaving home, that if I ever had the chance to get to the summit, I would get a picture of myself with a Tulane’s pennant, as being part of Tulane is one the things I feel most proud about. I am happy I came back safe and sound, but cannot say the same about Tulane’s pennant. I left it there, up in the heights, where I believe it belongs. I hope any of you may find it someday.

Josue Alarcon, MBA 2010