Recruiting for MACCT Students

One of the main reasons students come to Tulane is the opportunity to obtain great jobs. In my first interview as a Tulane student, the recruiter said Tulane has a higher caliber of students than other universities from which the firm recruits. I did not bring up that I had just transferred to Tulane and had yet to take an exam. I soon realized having the name Tulane on my resume gave me an advantage over my competition.

So what is the application process for MACCT students?

After MACCT students go to a career orientation, they can sign up for a meeting with a career counselor. At the meeting, you will learn how to navigate the Freeman School of Business recruiting website, FreemanLink. The first step is submitting a resume on FreemanLink for your career counselor to review and make suggestions to improve it. Each time you apply for a job, you can easily drop your resume for that company’s job posting. The most important goal is to submit your resume well before posting deadlines because the career service center is flooded with resumes during recruiting time. The application window for most public firms ends the middle of September. It was a little hectic for me to balance school and apply for jobs, but the Career Management Center has made this process as simple and stress-free as possible.

How many jobs postings are there for MACCT students?

Another benefit with Tulane is recruiters are always reaching out to you. Within my first week, I received emails from local firms asking if I was interested in a part time job during school. I cannot give an exact number of job postings on Freemanlink because it is different for each person. FreemanLink shows the interviews for which you qualify. The criteria for determining qualifying interviews is your GPA, graduation date, and individual characteristics like that.

What if I do not receive an interview in September?

Even though it is a busy time of year, it is critical to make time to submit the highest quality application materials for fall interviews because the vast majority of public accounting internship and job offers for Tulane students come from the on-campus interviewing process. However, if you do not receive an interview or a job offer from the first round of applications. Other companies wait to post jobs until later in the fall semester and beginning of the spring semester since it is closer to the potential start date. And, your career consultant will work with you to find opportunities and reach out to companies.

The main point is, Tulane gives Masters of Accounting students many resources to assist in the recruiting process. I could not imagine how difficult it would be to just upload my resume to a company’s website and hope they notice me. Tulane facilitates interaction with different companies and accounting firms. Although looking for a job is stressful, my career counselors and Freemanlink have made it a smooth process.