Brandon Iglesias: STEM + Business = Innovation

This video is a testament to the drive and intellectual curiosity of Tulane MBA alumnus, Brandon Iglesias and the powerful potential of combining a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) undergraduate degree with a graduate business degree. STEM graduates are common in many programs at the Freeman School; Full-time MBA, Professional MBA, Executive MBA, Master of Management, and the Master of Management in Energy.

Only a person like Brandon who has a solid understanding of engineering, industry and business could be leading an effort like this that might alter our energy future. The end of the video summarizes that his goal is not just to take and prove that a concept works; it is to take the concept all the way to commercial viability impacting the world’s energy sources. Potential innovations like this show how one person can make a difference. If this project succeeds it would make a new paradigm and combine words that are now considered opposites “green oil.”

Check out the video here.