Cheering for Tulane Green Wave Football Team

Before coming to Tulane University, I never thought I would fall in love with the game of football, because I don’t really know much about American football. However, because of the popularity of football and free tickets, I tried to learn more about this game. In order to be like a Tulane football fan, I even bought a hat with Tulane symbol.

Last week, I went to watch the 4th football game of this season in Yulman Stadium, which was Cincinnati vs. Tulane. It was a Halloween night, everybody wore their costume to celebrate. There were so many ‘animals’ and cartoon characters cheering for Tulane Green Wave. Moreover, the cheerleaders were much more beautiful on that day. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the football game because everybody was united to yell for a same goal. Although our boys didn’t win the game, we were still happy that we had a cool Halloween night.

If you are student or faculty of Tulane University, just go to Yulman Stadium with your splash card to get free tickets for football games. Moreover, I’d like to remind you that our team mascot is a pelican named Riptide. When our boys are fighting to win the game, this cute pelican walks up and down the sidelines. Don’t forget to take a beautiful picture with Riptide.

Yifang “Doris” Yang, MACCT’15