Leigh Cosolito

Originally from a small North Carolina town in the Appalachian Mountains, for me, coming to New Orleans and Tulane University was a big change. When I first sent in my decision letter years ago, I wondered if I had chosen correctly. The majority of my hometown thought that I was crazy to choose a school in Louisiana over one of the many great choices in North Carolina. To this day, however, I will gladly argue my sanity. I love New Orleans, and I love Tulane!

As an undergraduate, I majored in mathematics and cellular and molecular biology. For the longest time, I was not sure how I wanted to use those degrees, but I knew that I loved the two subjects. Like most biology students, I went through the phase where I thought that I wanted to be a doctor; however, while interning at Ochsner, I realized that I did not love the practice of medicine, but instead I loved the science behind the medicine. Since that time, I have been drawn to the biotechnology industry and decided that’s where my future career is. I am fascinated by new scientific innovations and the unique process of taking these technologies from an idea in a lab to a product in the market.

When the opportunity to return to Tulane for the Master of Management program presented itself, I found myself in a similar position as when I was a senior in high school, weighing the pros and cons of Tulane vs. alternative uses of my time and wondering if my acceptance was the right choice. While the program has been challenging at times, like that decision for my undergraduate education, I also think that I made the correct decision for my graduate education. I see this degree program as a way to bridge the gap between my two undergraduate degrees and gain the necessary business knowledge to meet my career goals for after graduation. I am also attracted to the focus on international business exploration and the many resources available to me as a student in the Freeman School. I am eager to see what is next to come from the MMG program!

Leigh Cosolito, MMG