Energy Graduate Students Share Ideas on the Global Energy Markets

Happy New Year and Roll Wave! My name is Robert Edgar and I am in the Master of Management in Energy program at Tulane University. I decided to start a blog to circulate ideas and viewpoints on various topics in the energy industry that relate to what we learn and study every day. In the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane, we promote an open culture of communication and collaboration. With 50 graduate energy students all coming from distinct backgrounds and focusing on different topics in the industry, there exists a special opportunity for us to share our diverse insights outside of our small network and with the rest of the world. We feel that the best way to spread our ideas is to produce quality content that is both informative to an energy professional and clear to the curious reader. For example, the first article published on January 20th was “Five Reasons That Gasoline Prices Are Staying Cheap.” The website is called The Energy Informer and you can find us at Keep checking back every day for interesting new articles and other content!

Robert Edgar, Class of 2015