Ernst & Young Invasion Day!

Ernst & Young (EY) Invasion Day (February 3, 2015) was a very insightful and valuable event. EY representatives were personable, interesting, and easy to talk to. The day started with a tabling session which allowed students to reach out to EY recruiters and ask any questions they might have about a career at EY.

In the evening there was an information session. The panel consisted of Brett Freimauer (Executive Director of the Financial Services Office Advisory practice), Lauren Menier (Senior Manager- Assurance), Danny Belcher (Manager FSO – Assurance), Jon Belteau (Senior Manager – Tax) and Sarah Schwindt (Manager – FIDS). The information session was much more insightful than we had expected it to be.

The panelists talked about a unique practice within EY called Financial Services Office. This practice deals with financial management, securitizing fixed assets, credit and operational risk, derivatives, etc. Ms. Schwindt, from FIDS (Fraud, Investigation and Dispute Services) shared her experiences in working with clients on regulatory inquiries, transactional disputes, etc. The entire discussion was an eye opener to students that there was another path with a big accounting firm that was not the standard audit or tax careers.

All panel members also made it clear how important it is to work for a firm whose culture and values are most fitting to you. The work you perform at each firm will be similar, but it is the people, the relationships, and the culture that firms cultivate that will ultimately differentiate your experiences from firm to firm. It was clear from all the experiences that the EY team members shared that they felt accepted, included, and satisfied with their careers at EY. It was the first time we understood the true importance of a firm’s values and how it can change the overall experience of your internship and future career.

The entire day gave Freeman students a unique opportunity to learn about different careers at EY as well as the wonderful work culture and opportunities EY has to offer.

Contributors: Brett R Jentleson, Samantha Becker