Ernst & Young

Upon arriving at 5 Times Square just days after New Year’s Eve, all I could think about was the bright red Ernst & Young sign that peeked out beside The Ball just days before. It was a new year and a new me. I was no longer just a Senior at Tulane University, but also an EY employee in the Real Estate Tax Practice. The title itself was daunting. I didn’t know a thing or two about the application of tax in real estate; let alone what tax accountants even do day-to-day.

I was greeted by a team of 15 driven, yet approachable men and women ranging from Staff 1 to Partner. They were incredibly patient in taking time from their crazy schedules to sit down with me and explain concepts until they were blue in the face. I was given different responsibilities each day, sat in on meetings, and studied our client’s organization charts in my spare time. In a matter of weeks, I felt like I finally had a grip on what our goals were and what the abbreviations constantly shouted out meant. My team was always close by whenever I had a question- no matter how silly I thought it was.

I can finally attest to the “people culture” that EY employees always rave about. When I am working, I feel like I am hanging out with friends. Despite the deadlines and sometimes stressful tasks, my team is somehow always smiling and joking. This has been an incredible experience and I am so grateful that the Busy Season Internship is a standard component of the Freeman School’s BSM/MACCT program. 2015 has brought a more knowledgeable and experienced version of myself. For all of you who will be going through your busy seasons next year, rest assured you won’t miss the most crucial part of Senior year (Mardi Gras). My team understood how important getting back to NOLA for this special occasion was to me and couldn’t have been more supportive. I’m sad to leave New York City, but I can’t wait to get back to NOLA for my 5th year!

Karli Rosen, MAACT Class of 2015