Student Profile: Jason Durkis

​My father was Air Force and that made me an Air Force brat for most of my life. Most of my childhood was spent in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When I decided to go to college for my undergraduate, it had to be Tulane. They had a great medical program and there was no better place for familial support than from those in the South. Not to mention the added benefit of seeing and living with the color green after living in a desert. I majored in Anthropology.

After graduating I didn’t see myself getting very far with just an Anthropology degree under my belt. I needed something practical some experience that I could slap onto a resume to impress and Tulane’s A.B. Freeman School of Business was right next door. I heard stories from my friends my whole undergraduate career of the joys and sorrows of being a Freeman student but had never considered pursuing it, until I realized my affinity for quantitative work.

As of now, the adventure of Graduate School has been amazing. Tulane’s coursework combines learning business fundamentals including Excel and team projects with practical application of those skills and I couldn’t be happier. The program also includes a trip abroad to broaden our business perspective and interact with international businesses in the real world. I never had the chance to go abroad during my undergraduate, but now I get to go to two different cities in China over the course of a week to present our team project! It will be glorious!

Now in case you were still wondering about me let’s give you a general summary. I love dogs, reading, Star Wars, and have been known to daydream occasionally. I’m glad to be among the first of our kind in this program and would be happy to answer any questions you may have at

Jason Durkis

Master of Management Class’15