Some benefits of dual degrees

Making the decision to get a dual degree, whether it be MD/MBA, JD/MBA, or any other combination is not one that comes easily. There are numerous factors to consider: the additional time; the additional coursework; the additional front end cost; the opportunity cost of another year out of the working world. These were all things that I grappled with before deciding to get my MBA; a decision that I am very grateful for.

Getting the Tulane MBA has some obvious perks: a year off from the grueling MD curriculum; international travel; resume enhancer. But there is so much more. The MBA has provided me with invaluable skills that will be put to use, some daily and some for more long term goals. The management skill attained during my time at Freeman and the countless hours of group collaboration will make me a much more effective physician, both in clinic and the operating room. Managing time, managing people, and managing resources are all skills that physicians are expected to posses, but there is very little, if any, training on these soft skills during the typical medical school curriculum. Understanding your value and how to represent that to others is also a skill that one can learn while at the Freeman school and one that can make a huge difference when the time comes to look for post-residency positions.

Lastly, the people I’ve met and worked with are by far one of the biggest perks to being in the MBA program. Not only have I developed my professional network, I’ve made lifelong friendships that were forged through group chats during class, Wednesday’s at the square at the MBA tent, cross-Atlantic and cross-Pacific flights for international trips and countless other shared experiences that have connected us all in very meaningful ways.

Cost benefit analysis was done and I am very happy to say that the benefits of the program far outweighed the costs and I am soon to be a proud Tulane Freeman Alum.

Oduche Igboechi