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Quick Tour – Darwin Fenner Fund

Guest post from Scott Gerdes, MBA2. Final deliberations in which the Darwin Fenner research analysts decide on how to allocate roughly $2 million are drawing near. Armed with classic and even some more recent, unpublished journal articles, the sector teams are dwindling down the stocks in the S&P 400 and […]

April 20, 2011 ×

Quick Tour – Burkenroad Reports

Today’s guest post comes from Alexandra Thurber, MBA 2. Burkenroad Reports is a course in equity analysis. Students are divided into teams of 3-5 and follow one public company throughout the semester. For the most part, we follow small cap companies headquartered in the Southeastern United States. The companies span […]

April 18, 2011 ×

Freeman Ladies Win Case Competition

Some of Freeman’s very own won the 2011 National Association of Women’s MBA Strategy Case Competition in Newark, New Jersey, taking home a grand prize of $5,000. On March 23, Katie LaCorte, Dana Omar Mahmoud, Hakima Taoufiq and Sofia Zarate partook in the final round of the contest at the […]

April 12, 2011 ×

Battle of the Neighborhoods: The Marigny

I live in the Marigny. I have blogged about aspects of this neighborhood extensively in my 2 years as an MBA blogger, and I think that speaks for itself as to how much I love it. That having been said, there are huge downsides to living in the Marigny being a […]

April 9, 2011 ×

Neighborhood Rundown : Uptown

Since someone asked about neighborhoods in New Orleans and where MBAs should live, I’ve asked the other bloggers to talk about where they live and why. I’ll start. I live in Uptown New Orleans, about a mile from campus near St. Charles Ave. and Napoleon Ave. I live two blocks […]

April 7, 2011 ×

Question: Housing Advice

Question: I have recently been admitted to the Tulane MBA program and was seeking housing advice. Are there any neighborhoods or apartment complexes that you would recommended? Answer: Part of the New Orleans experience is living on tree-lined Uptown streets in charming old houses with front porches and backyards. We […]

April 6, 2011 ×

Beignet eating contest at the New Orleans Roadfood Festival last weekend on Royal Street in the F

Beignet eating contest at the New Orleans Roadfood Festival last weekend on Royal Street in the French Quarter.

April 4, 2011 ×

Festival Season

Like it or not, the warm weather is here to stay in New Orleans. That means that summer is around the corner, but before we have to max out air conditioners – there’s a period of a few weeks in South Louisiana now known as Festival Season. First, there was […]

April 4, 2011 ×

Must Do / Should Have Done

A recently admitted MBA for 2011 emailed me the other day and asked a great question that’s now becoming a blog post. He wanted to know what I’m really glad I did during my time at Tulane, and what I wish i would have done. Here’s my loose list. MUST […]

March 29, 2011 ×
Big Lessons in Asia

Big Lessons in Asia

So what did we do in China for a week? We learned first-hand why China is such a big issue for all types of businesses. Probably the most insightful thing any of our guest lecturers and professors told us is “please, give us time.” China is in full gallop trying […]

March 21, 2011 ×