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Oyster Fest

Oyster Fest

This summer I had a great opportunity to work with a local education technology company, Whetstone Education. Not only am I getting the experience of working with an innovate company in the education sector, I also get to stay in NOLA for festival season! One of my favorites was just a […]

July 6, 2012 ×

Mardi Gras, Greece, and the End of 1st Year

I think it is called business school because we are constantly busy! Since my last blog, Mardi Gras season wrapped up, we traveled to Greece (and more), we completed our first Global leadership module and came back to numerous New Orleans festivals and fun. There are never enough hours in […]

April 11, 2012 ×
Leap Day in the Bywater

Leap Day in the Bywater

On Leap Day I decided to take advantage of the extra 24 hours and the beautiful weather (it was 76 degrees and sunny), and head to one of my favorite parts of town: The Bywater. Most people that visit town don’t know about this little gem of a community, but […]

March 1, 2012 ×

Spring Semester / Internships / Mardi Gras

Welcome back to the 2nd semester of my 1st year! This has been a busy semester for us all. It started off slowly which was nice, but now we are in full swing preparing for Mardi Gras and getting ready for our trip to Greece. I am currently taking a […]

February 13, 2012 ×

Nico in NOLA 19 – Goodbye, New Orleans!

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans? Nico does now. Week#19 – Saying goodbye to the city from Nicolas Merlaud on Vimeo. Nineteenth week. People. Places. Memories. more videos at

January 18, 2012 ×

Nico in NOLA 16 – Saturday Night in New Orleans

A glimpse into how a group of mainly international students spent a Saturday night in December. Week#16 – A Saturday night in NOLA from Nicolas Merlaud on Vimeo. Sixteenth week. House Party. Palms. Safe Ride. more videos at

January 7, 2012 ×

Nico in NOLA 14 – Po-Boy Festival

Oak Street. Crawfish and Gumbo. Live Music. That pretty much sums up Poboyfest! Week#14 – Po-Boy Festival from Nicolas Merlaud on Vimeo. Fourteenth week. Oak Street. Crawfish and Gumbo. Live Music. more videos at

December 29, 2011 ×

Nico in NOLA 12 – Heloise’s Visit

In his twelfth week in New Orleans, Nico gets a visitor from home. Week#12 – Heloise’s visit from Nicolas Merlaud on Vimeo. Twelfth week. Kikouze. Paille sur la tête. Karl Lagerfeld. more videos at​channels/​nicoinnola

December 6, 2011 ×

Nico in NOLA 11 – Halloween in New Orleans

Trick or Treat. Halloween Parties. Frenchmen Street. Week#11 – Halloween in New Orleans from Nicolas Merlaud on Vimeo. Eleventh week. Trick or Treat. Halloween Parties. Frenchmen Street. more videos at​channels/​nicoinnola

November 21, 2011 ×

Nico in NOLA 10 – Tulane Homecoming

Nico’s first tailgate, homecoming, and Superdome visit! Week#10 – Tulane Homecoming from Nicolas Merlaud on Vimeo. Tenth week. Green Wave. Tailgate. Superdome. more videos at​channels/​nicoinnola

November 15, 2011 ×